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Nassau elementary students talk to an astronaut | News

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Nassau elementary students talk to an astronaut

NASSAU - For roughly nine and a half minutes Thursday the space station was within range of a amateur radio transmitter and antenna set up at the Donald P. Sutherland School.

"My name is Samantha. What do the astronauts eat and drink up in space? Over," asked Samantha Milkiewicz.

"Hi Samantha," responded Astronaut Michael Fossum. "We eat and drink a lot of the same stuff you do at home. It just has to be food that we heat up or we add hot water to dehydrated food like camping food."

Fourteen youngsters, representing grades Kindergarten through fifth grade, were lined up to ask questions of Astronaut Fossum, who is on his third visit to the Space Station.

"My name is Nathan. What would happen if the space suit leaks? Over," asked Kindergartener Nathan Fajen. 

"Hey Nathan. That would be a problem if our space suit had a leak. We actually did leak checks today. We got in our space suits because we're coming home in a week and a half," said Fossum.

Three-hundred kids sat quietly listening as the students moved quickly to and from the microphone.

The whole session had to fit into roughly nine minutes.

At the very end, the signal faded as the spacecraft moved over the horizon above the Atlantic Ocean, headed toward South Africa.

"I didn't think that dreams like this could come true. I was wrong. They really can. Over," said Fossum. 

Fifth grade student Martin Bombard said the experience "was amazing. It was awesome. It was the best experience of my life."



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